Ecozy central unit design

Self-learning heating solution with touch sensor and remote control. eCozy Heating Solution consists of three components: Thermostat, App & Central Unit (CU), that serves as a control hub for all eCozy thermostats in your home. Currently one Central Unit supports up to 15 thermostats. One eCozy thermostat per each water radiator. So if you have 3 water radiators at home - you need the eCozy Comfort Kit (3T+CU). You can always buy as many additional thermostats as you need. 

I've shaped the forms and worked with different materials, so that it fits perfectly in every environment: from a modern, contemporary studio or office, to a cozy cabin, somewhere in the Norwegian woods.

There is no need to heat an empty home. eCozy will prevent you from doing that. 

Thanks to special energy-saving heating algorithms you will not only save almost 30% of your annual heating bill, but also forget the pain of adjusting your thermostat each time you want to leave the house: eCozy will know that you’re away as soon as you left your apartment.

Bootom side of central unit is a lighter.  

The benefits of an eCozy Smart Heating Solution: empowers you with advanced smart home features, greatly improves your energy saving looks modern and is extremely easy to use.